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Red River Gorge Climbers Coalition (RRGCC)

Our mission is to ensure open, public access to ample, quality outdoor rock climbing opportunities to meet the needs of current and future climbers and to encourage the conservation of the natural environment, on publicly managed and privately owned land by protecting, promoting, and ensuring responsible climbing.
Visit the Red River Gorge Climbers Coalition website for more information.


Red River Gorge Trail Crew

We are individual volunteers that get together once each month to add value to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. Some projects we walk the trails, trim back brush, use crosscut saws to remove fallen trees, or just plain move dirt. Other times we are building bridges, learning traditional outdoors skills, and creating brand new trails. Every once in a while we decide not to do anything extremely productive and knock off early to get in some rest and relaxation. The pot luck dinner around the campfire on Saturday evening is probably my favorite time of each project.
Visit the Red River Gorge Trail Crew's website for more information.


Tri-State Hiking Club

Meet other fun people who love the outdoors as much as you do! Our group meets weekly for hikes and other adventures. All are welcome from beginners to experts; locals to new transplants. Come experience the outdoors with us! Typical hikes are around six miles (three hours). We hike all around the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana area. Most members are from greater Cincinnati, Dayton, or Northern Kentucky.
Visit the Tri-State Hiking Club's Website for more information.